Anti-Ballistic Systems, creates and manufactures our own Ballistic Podiums, we can customize any piece of furniture to meet your needs. Our podiums come in sizes of 42"x46"x30" giving a full 5' ballistic protection and our 54"x30"x30" podium gives you a complete 6' in ballistic protection. 




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Anti-Ballistic Systems, LLC (A.B.S.) is a Sole Source Manufacturer and distributor of its own products.  A.B.S. specializes in transparent ballistic protection and has its own line of  clear ballistic shields, ballistic bunkers, windows and blast shield systems, as well as ballistic Podiums and custom ballistic furniture. There is no distribution networks available through A.B.S.  Anti-Ballistic Systems, LLC, creates, designs and manufactures its own product lines and custom manufactures its laminate ballistic material and specifications project by project, or within the law enforcement and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Protective Materials Specifications and Standards for Ballistic Shields and materials to meet customer needs. We provide the best in ballistic podiums, security stations, and custom work desks to protect you at entry points or high profile areas, as well as personal protection with our custom transparent ballistic shields. Our products are used in Courthouses, Airports, Government Buildings, Schools, Police Stations and in Patrol Cars.

                                       Your Security And Protection Is Our Goal.

​​Anti-Ballistic Systems offers a variety of Transparent Ballistic Shields for Law Enforcement and Military applications.  Our shields range from 9"x12", 10"x14", 11"x16", 18"x24", 21"x36" and come in either NIJ LEVEL IIA or IIIA.


See the many videos of our products being shot tested with various rounds and see how our competitors products compare to ours.

Anti-Ballistic Systems, LLC