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The Marshal Series Ballistic Podium is a unique modular podium manufactured in either hardwood or laminates with versatile, interchangeable, ballistic capabilities. In addition to the ballistics lower portion, the upper transparent screen is composed of Transparent Ballistic Material NIJ LEVEL IIIA. This material provides for a totally transparent, non-threatening, professional screen, all-the-while providing ballistic protection for the speaker or security officer.

Podium Rentals

USMS54 (54" x 30" x 30")  

US Marshal's Series Ballistic Podiums 

USMS42 (42" x 46" x 30")

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The Marshal Series Ballistic Podium is designed to be put together with a minimal effort. One person can effectively and efficiently put the podium together with a Phillips head screwdriver in approximately 45 minutes. The modular concept allows for easy shipping, storage, handling, interchangeability, and simple replacement of component parts versus replacing the whole podium. In this unique modular state, various ballistic panel upgrades can be purchased and inserted based on current threat levels.

A.B.S offers ballistic panels in NIJ Rated Threat Level IIIA, and IV. Level IV is capable of not only withstanding rifle round ammunition, but also shrapnel and over-blast from explosive devices*. These ballistic panels are designed to be interchangeable within the component parts simplifying off the shelf procurement or replacement parts ordering. Our Transparent Ballistic tops only come in NIJ LEVEL IIIA and 18” high.

Warranty: A ten (10) year factory warranty on all transparent ballistic glazing materials from date of purchase. A two (2) year warranty on all workmanship on the furnishings.

The Marshal Series Ballistic Podium also comes with a shelf, locking center drawer, and a detached, locking, and lower two-door/shelf cabinet for securing valuables or placement of materials. (NIJ LEVEL IIIA Fiberglass Insert is standard on all podiums, NIJ LEVEL IV is additional charge)

*Over-blast and shrapnel protection is based on low-level explosives. There is no guaranteed protection against truck bombs and other high yield explosives. In addition, the shelf of the podium is not guaranteed to protect from falling objects.